Bookmark Contest

We have a steady supply of black and white bookmarks for our students to take after they check out a book (or even if they forgot one). They enjoy coloring and taking them to use with their new books. We figured "Why not let our students design a bookmark?" They loved the project last year, so we're rolling it out again. I love how this allows some students to express themselves in ways they might not always get to in library class.

First, we introduce the contest and offer entry forms for anyone that wants to enter. Here is the

Contest Entry Form

we use. Feel free to make a copy and adapt to your school.


  • Have a healthy supply of black markers on hand.

  • Create a place to turn in entries; some friends will finish quickly!

  • Decide if you will allow students to trace or use guided drawings; these are frequent questions.

After the due date, I scan the bookmarks and load them into a Google Form. I share the form via QR code, then allow students to vote for ALL the bookmarks they like instead of limiting voting. I also keep this step anonymous so no one know who made which bookmark.

After voting I choose the top four or five bookmarks as winners in each grade. I send the scanned bookmarks to our district print shop where they're printed on cardstock and cut. As an extra prize, I give each winner a stack of ten of their own bookmark to share with friends and family.

When winning bookmarks are set out for students to color, I make sure to display the creator's name next to the bookmarks.