Catalog Practice

The longer I am a librarian the more strongly I feel that explicit teaching of our online catalog is foundational to our students experiencing success in the library. If they can navigate our catalog effectively, they can find great books that they will be excited to read!

I developed the practice sheets below for use at a new-to-me school to jump start students' catalog skills. They are the final piece in an I do/we do/you do instructional delivery. You're welcome to make a copy and use them freely! They were made for use with Destiny Discover, but can be modified for use with other systems. You'll want to adjust the examples to books you have in your library (I always try to use SHORT titles to minimize typing).

Catalog Practice Resources


2nd Grade Practice

3rd Grade Practice 1&2

4th Grade Practice 1&2

5th Grade Practice 1&2

Interest Searches - fiction & nonfiction

Title Slips - used to look up a book, then find it on the shelf